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Floor mounted heat pump

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When wall space is limited or you don’t like the look of a wall-mounted unit, a floor console could be a great option to keep you comfortable. These units can be installed almost anywhere as the cables and pipes can be run under the floor, with an outdoor unit placed on an adjacent wall on the exterior of your home. Quiet yet powerful and highly efficient, access to clean the filter is much easier, which is a major drawcard for these units. 

When considering if a floor console is right for your home, you should determine the accessibility both inside and out and whether you have sufficient floor space, so the unit won’t be in the way. Be mindful that positioning the unit too close to furniture will restrict airflow.

Available in a range of sizes, floor consoles are suitable for heating and cooling a single room such as a lounge room or bedroom. Our experienced technicians are experts at helping you choose the right brand and product for your needs. 

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