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Whether you want to warm things up or keep them cold, our friendly team can help from heat pumps and underfloor heating for your home or business to efficient commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Get it done right, we care that what we sell is the right solution for you. We visit to determine the best option for you and quote for a brand and a solution that is the right fit, and best value for you.

Get it done right, we care that what we sell is the right solution for you

Why get a heat pump?

High quality

Excellent features, compact designs, quiet operation, and impressive reliability.

Cost savings

More efficient and cost effective heating compared to any other heat source on the market.


Air purifying comes as standard.


Lower environmental footprint due to super-efficient running.

Our range

Choosing a heating system is an important decision to make. Some brands and models are better than others, while certain heat pumps are better suited to particular situations.

Incorrectly sized heat pumps will not perform as you wish and will not run efficiently, costing more to run.

At Cuddon, we stand by the quality of the brands we provide, stock and install.

We can:

  • Find the best location for your unit to maximise effectiveness.
  • Site measure for heat & cooling loads.
  • Calculate capacity/size & type for heating & cooling.

Cuddon are an EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority of NZ) accredited heat pump installer. Check out the “Warmer Kiwi Homes” website to see if you are eligible or call us for advice.

Not all heat pumps are the same.

Our brands

Cuddon services all makes & models, and only works with quality brands for new installations.

Need help? We are the experts.

Get advice from the specialists, more than 80 years' of experience, providing solutions for Marlborough and NZ.

Ben Wealthall

Refrigeration & Air conditioning Supervisor