Meet Johnny Olivier - Cuddon New Zealand

Johnny Olivier leads Cuddon’s Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Sales, he is the man to contact for all your questions about efficient commercial and residential heating & cooling. Johnny and his family made the big move to NZ in November 2019. 

“We moved straight to sunny Blenheim and the best engineering company in Marlborough by far.  A lot of people have asked me if I have any regrets making the move. He only have one regret and that is not making the decision to move sooner! This is paradise and heaven on Earth.

He is currently in charge of all Air-conditioning sales at Cuddon. He started his apprenticeship in 2005 in the Air-conditioning and Refrigeration industry, he then qualified as a Refrigeration technician in 2011 and as been in the industry ever since.

Born and bred in Pretoria, South Africa (Blue Bulls Country for the rugby fanatics Loftus Versveld). He participated in many different sports, ranging from rugby, cricket, athletics, and cross-country and played golf for my high school and junior club league.

He is also a qualified Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver. He loves free diving, spearfishing, fishing overall, motorbikes, dirt bikes and everything outdoors. And there’s nothing like a good old South African Braai with good friends and music.

He made the move with my lovely wife, who is an ECE Teacher, and my two wonderful boys, aged 7 and 11. We are proud to call this home. He loves sunny Blenheim and the wonderful community.