How to Maintain Your Swimming Pool Over Summer Months in Marlborough, New Zealand

When the warmer months approach,  it's time to get your pool ready. However did you know that proper swimming pool maintenance during the summer means an enjoyable and safe swimming environment for your family and friends. Not to mention, it will also increase the lifespan of your pool. Here are some tips to help you maintain your swimming pool in Blenheim, New Zealand, over the summer months.

Keep Your Pool Clean 

Keeping your pool clean is vital during the summer months. It's essential to clean the pool daily or at least every other day to keep unwanted materials, such as bugs, leaves, and twigs, out of the water. Use a pool skimmer to clean the surface of the water. Doing this will reduce any debris in the pool water, which is essential for your health. You can also invest in a robotic pool cleaner that will clean your swimming pool for you and make the job much easier.

Maintain The Chemical Balance

Maintaining the chemical balance of your pool is another critical aspect of summer pool maintenance. A chemical imbalance can cause skin irritation, algae growth, and unclean water. Testing your pool water regularly for the right pH, total alkalinity, and chlorine levels is critical for maintaining a healthy pool. At Cuddon, we can test your water free of charge and provide you with the chemicals to ensure you have the right balance.

Keep Water Levels In Check

During summer, evaporation will occur more frequently, especially in high temperatures. This can significantly lower your pool water levels and disrupt the chemical balance. As a result, it's essential to keep checking the water levels in your pool and continuously top up when necessary. Also, if there is heavy rain, it can dilute your pool water, reducing the chemical concentration meaning you may need to use pool chemicals to re-establish the proper balance. Talk to our team at Cuddon today.

Filter And Pump Maintenance

The pool filter and pump are an essential component of your swimming pool. These devices work hard in summer to keep your pool water clean and healthy. You'll need to check and clean the filter basket and skimmer regularly. A dirty filter can affect the filtration system and make the pump work harder, reducing its life span. The pool pump motor should be inspected for signs of damage or wear. Give us a call to get your pool pump serviced.