Heat pumps  - Things you may not know

Cuddon has been supplying heat pumps in Marlborough since they were first developed. Our experienced team have some helpful facts and tips for homeowners:

Are they good for the Environment?

Using your heat pump efficiently is great for the environment and your back pocket.  They typically use electricity efficiently with a COP over 3 (Co-efficient Of Performance = energy in versus heat out) to heat your home.  So they are the preferred option for efficient heating along with a well-insulated home.

New Energy Rating

Cuddon can provide advice on selecting the right heat pump for your home.  New Zealand is adopting a new energy rating scale and label for heat pumps, based on the international Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) methodology, which identifies how air conditioners perform in different climate zones.

The new rating scale will assess winter heating performance more accurately for New Zealand consumers.

The star ratings on the new label reflect how the heat pump will perform over a range of temperatures and allows an annual electricity figure to be calculated. This makes the new label more like the energy rating labels on other appliances such as fridges and washing machines. 

Heat pumps and Noise

There’s no denying that a heat pump is a great energy efficient way to heat your home. However, consumers are becoming more conscious of how noisy their appliances, including heat pumps, are. With end-user mindsets changing to value quiet and year-round comfort, heat pumps are seen as a cost-efficient necessity not only in lounges but also bedrooms. As a result, we have seen a marked increase in sales for smaller capacity units overall.

When choosing a heat pump for the bedroom, noise levels are a key consideration. Consumers want a system that can keep the room warm as quietly as possible, so sleep isn’t disrupted. Starting from barely a whisper, at 18dBA*, the Mitsubishi EcoCore AP Series is ideal for bedrooms on the coldest of nights. 

Furthermore, the Night Mode setting dims the indicator lights on the controller and disables any beeping sounds, minimising unnecessary interruptions. With the increase in higher-density housing, considering outdoor sound levels are just as important, especially if you want to keep your neighbours happy. Night Mode lowers the operating noise level of the outdoor unit by a further 3dBA, so you can be rest assured that your neighbours won’t be disturbed either.  

Combating Allergens

Advanced Filtration combats typical household allergens during the winter months with washable filter trapping particles such as dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants, generating stable antibacterial and deodorising effects. Mitsubishi’s new filter capture area gives the Air-Purifying Filters better dust collection performance than conventional filters. Resulting in a cleaner, fresher home during winter that is perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Keeping you warm during the winter months, Cuddon provide a range of heat pumps and heating solutions to help maintain a drier and healthier home for your family. Whether you want to warm things up or keep them cold, the friendly team can help from heat pumps and underfloor heating for your home or business to efficient commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Visit Cuddon online at cuddon.co.nz or drop into 24 McArtney St to discuss a heating and cooling solution for your home.